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June 13th, 2016

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November 1st, 2011

This post comes three days late *irons hands* and I suppose everyone and her sister has already seen this marvel (if not, believe me, you want to). Some kind and very talented artist took my simple prompt for the Fest and turned it into this wonderful piece. And when I say piece I really mean it, because they say there is a WHOLE COMIC comming soon!! Since when does Christmas come in Halloween?

Really, people, has ever a "teaser" been such a ... tease?


And also, overdued thank you to sesheta_66, leochi, veritas03 and nursedarry for the cute spiders. You are a love!

August 7th, 2011

Just in case you are wondering why I'm missing even more than usual, know that it wasn't intentional. I've planned a week by the beach, but there was no point in saying it because I was bringing Laptop with me, so I could keep failing at commenting by the beach just like I do here at home. It was a good plan.

Or it would had been if Laptop hadn't decided to drop dead on day one. Dead like in d.e.a.d. No live signs, nothing at all, no matter what I did or brother advised by phone. Dead like a brick.

So today, upon arrival, and not even stopping at home to take the luggage out of the car, I dropped it in brother's hands. Just took him a minute to discover the problem. Took me far more to even start to understand a bit. A lot of mystic technical gibberish and hand waving later (today we skipped the sock-puppet-theater part of the dissertation, normally so useful to me) I have cottoned that Laptop has some kind of narcoleptic problem. No, I mean, for real. In its technological realm, of course, but still. Something about hibernating while threatened, or whatyouwanttocallit.

So, from one minute to the next, I'm finding myself facing one of the most surrealist, hysterical, bizarre facts I've faced in all my life.

I am the insomniac with the narcoleptic laptop.


I mean ...

Oh, come on!!!!!

This has to be some kind of cosmical joke! Somewhere there has to be some obscure and arcane entity who is, literally, laughing their arse off!

*clings to desktop*

Well, now I'm going to unpack, water the plants and probably sedate boyfriend, because it's been two hours of continuous hysterics now and I'm starting to worry.


Brother has stolen nearly all the sweets I got back. Except for the dark chocolate. I really adore my sibling.

Laptop is undergoing some critical surgery tomorrow that may involve the removing of the motherboard. I’m thanking all the gods in the cybernetic pantheon for my paranoiac need to make triple security copies for everything.

July 7th, 2011

It's raining kisses!

No, really, they are! OMG everywhere I look today it's flooded! :D

Thank you so much, my wonderful ladies alaana_fair  ,leochi  and sesheta_66  for the smooches. You are a love!

I really need my on-line life back (damn work!). I'm missing all the fun.

June 14th, 2011

It's ice-cream!

Thank you so much, [info]veritas03 for the v-gift and the birthday wishes! You are a love !     

October 17th, 2010

Hey, people! Do you like brave gorgeous boys dressed in smart and dashing clothes, fighting evil in the middle of dark forests, with amazing curses flying all around?

That's what I thought! :)

Then run to see Middle Ages. Some lovely and wonderfully talented Not-So-Mystery Artist took my poor simple prompt and turn it into this glorious moment for the Art Fest at hd_fanart. And it's truly beyond amazing!

WARNING! Don't show it to twelve years old nephews or they'll hog the screen for all the afternoon.

#2 WARNING! Apparently #1 WARNING applies to boyfriends too.

July 30th, 2010

Thank you, hon!

Thank you so, so much sesheta_66 for the delicious v-gift!

*squishes you madly*

June 15th, 2010

Thank you, lovely people!

ferret lurve
I forgot to post this last night *irons ears*, but be sure I have cherished everything!!

Thank you to nursedarry for the beautiful virtual roses, and to alaana_fair and faithwood for the cute lemurs. Also thank you to sesheta_66 and dacro for your birthday wishes.

And again, thank you leochi for your marvelous gift. I think I'm going to "wear it down" for too much staring. It's just so ... *words fail* *adores*

Lemurs make me think of ferrets. So, a ton of ferret lurrrrve to all of you! :)

June 13th, 2010

H/D shippers of all ages, you have to see this. And then bookmark it. So, if you ever forget why you fell in love with this pairing, you can look at it and fall in love all over again. And believe in that happy ever after (or happy today, your choose) that you make in your head everyday.

leochi, wonderful leochi, has drawn it, and it is so a beautiful, perfect moment that make your heart ache with happiness.

Thank you, dear friend. Your talent is special and wonderful, but the lady behind the artist is just ... unique. *squishes you* *wipes tear*

Ok, people, don't mind the tearing girl. Go see the art and feel the joy!

May 20th, 2010

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Maria!

Que tengas un dia y un año maravillosos. Aún estoy leyendo todo lo que te ha pasado en estos tres meses (sí, soy una amiga pésima. Pésima y desconectada casi de todo), y guau! ¡Qué de novedades! :)

Un besazo, cielo. Te deseo toda la felicidad del mundo. ¡Te la mereces!
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