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Old Lurkers' Retreat

I'm not rude, I'm really, really busy

I'm not rude, I'm really, really busy

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I’m sorry about not being around much lately. April 20th renovations at home started, so I get very busy. But a week later my uncle had an ischemic stroke and I have spent any minute I wasn’t working or dealing with the “renovation crew” (who had been and keep being the most awesome professionals I could have ever dreamed) in the hospital. I had only dedicated half an hour before bed to you, but giving that uncle is getting a slow but sure turn to the worse, these next days I may not be here at all. Or I may comment to your posts very late.

Be safe, guys. Love you all.

P.S. Uncle is 87, and he had had a good and independent life till the day he got sick, so we are sad and a bit shocked but that fact comforted us somehow.
  • Peque (ya sé que es un poco incongruente proque eres un pelín mayor que yo), no sabes lo mucho que lo siento. Me encantaría poder hacer algo, cualquier cosa...

    A todo esto, no tengo tu teléfono porque lo perdí por error (soy un poco desastre). Mándame un mensaje o algo, y así podré llamarte para preguntarte qué tal va tu tío en vez de enviarte emails que igual no llegas a ver.
    • Gracias, cielo. Sigue empeorando . Bueno, ya mucho más no puede empeorar, pobrecillo. Lo que nadie se explica es como aguanta. Parece un pajarito, tan frágil, pero es de hierro. En fin.

      Un beso. Y espero que te llegase mi mail (tengo la cabeza un poco loca estos días)

      • Pobrecillo... Recibí tu email, y a partir de entonces mi vida se ha vuelto muy complicada, pero te llamaré hoy o mañana...
  • *hugs*
    Wish you and your uncle the best!
    • Thank you, love. He is quite old, but he was perfectly healthy, so everything has come as a shock. My poor thing, he looks so frail. But ... that's life.

      I'll try to catch with your posts this weekend, I miss them a lot.
  • Oh honey, I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle *hugs tight*

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

    • Thank you, my sweet. I wish anyone of us could help, but he has had a good and healthy life till now. He has been fighting for two weeks but, well, this is life

      *hugs back* love you !
  • *squishes you*

    We'll be here when you get back. If it's your uncle's time to go, I hope it's peacefully and with family around him. *hugs*
    • Thank you, love. He is quite old and has had a good and so independent life till now (he was having lunch after go fishing that morning!). But yes, that's life.

      *squishes back and smooches*
  • *hugs you tight* I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle.

    Love you!
    • Thank you, hon! He is quite old and a true fighter, but well, life is like that. He has been happy and independent until two weeks ago. You can nearly say "till the end". That probably counts for a lot.

      *loveslovesloves you*
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