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Old Lurkers' Retreat

In which I see your surrealist life and raise my own surrealist life.

In which I see your surrealist life and raise my own surrealist life.

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computer lolz!
Just in case you are wondering why I'm missing even more than usual, know that it wasn't intentional. I've planned a week by the beach, but there was no point in saying it because I was bringing Laptop with me, so I could keep failing at commenting by the beach just like I do here at home. It was a good plan.

Or it would had been if Laptop hadn't decided to drop dead on day one. Dead like in d.e.a.d. No live signs, nothing at all, no matter what I did or brother advised by phone. Dead like a brick.

So today, upon arrival, and not even stopping at home to take the luggage out of the car, I dropped it in brother's hands. Just took him a minute to discover the problem. Took me far more to even start to understand a bit. A lot of mystic technical gibberish and hand waving later (today we skipped the sock-puppet-theater part of the dissertation, normally so useful to me) I have cottoned that Laptop has some kind of narcoleptic problem. No, I mean, for real. In its technological realm, of course, but still. Something about hibernating while threatened, or whatyouwanttocallit.

So, from one minute to the next, I'm finding myself facing one of the most surrealist, hysterical, bizarre facts I've faced in all my life.

I am the insomniac with the narcoleptic laptop.


I mean ...

Oh, come on!!!!!

This has to be some kind of cosmical joke! Somewhere there has to be some obscure and arcane entity who is, literally, laughing their arse off!

*clings to desktop*

Well, now I'm going to unpack, water the plants and probably sedate boyfriend, because it's been two hours of continuous hysterics now and I'm starting to worry.


Brother has stolen nearly all the sweets I got back. Except for the dark chocolate. I really adore my sibling.

Laptop is undergoing some critical surgery tomorrow that may involve the removing of the motherboard. I’m thanking all the gods in the cybernetic pantheon for my paranoiac need to make triple security copies for everything.
  • Aww, poor you! :(

    My internet connection died on my big Mac Pro computer a few weeks ago. Fortunately the motherboard seems to be OK, but I have to resort to my old (and much slower) computer to go online. It's also a bit annoying to have to put everthing on a stick if I want to post it. (My old computer doesn't have much free space, so I hardly keep any files/programs there) However, I'm really glad I didn't get rid of it when I bought the new, big one 3 years ago.
    • Thank you for your comment, dear, you are a love! And sorry for the delay in answering, holidays at job means you have to pay later in blood double shifts.

      Fortunately I only use Laptop as a backup resource and I constantly make security copies of everything. Nothing will be lost even if the poor thing never recuperates. The "fainting" has been happening for months, but the magical word "Reboot" always worked, so I blamed the battery charger or the antivirus. Brother has installed such strong security measures in all our computers that sometimes they act on their own when something weird is detected (because of one of them I became a legend between his coworkers years ago after another, again, flabbergasting incident involving me de-installing a Windows application supposedly "un-de-installable" without. my. hands!!!. *\o/*)

      The hysterical sleeping-patterns confluence was just too much craziness for one afternoon. Really, there has to be a joke somewhere that starts with that line!

      Anyway, nephews have already renamed Laptop as "Marmotilla", which in Spanish goes for "groundhog pup" :D

      Now I'm out to restock the fridge, and then I have a whole week of f-list to catch on!


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