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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Icons, banners and such things

Icons, banners and such things

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Hi, there!

This entry is here for any of you who want to contact me in case you think I can be of help in making you icons or banners. I'm not that skilled really, but I'll do my best. Free time is not something I have in loads, but I can scrape a bit here and there.

I keep my flist quite small (because the aforementioned lack of time) but you don't have to be there for asking me. Feel free to contact anyway.

For a look at my own icons go here.
  • I'm not that skilled really, but I'll do my best.

    I can not believe you said that!!! *dies laughing* You may be perhaps the most modest person I know. *hugs you tightly*
    • No, really, I don't think I'm. When I lurk all around I see so beautiful things that I don't know how are done, or ideas that I'd have never thought about... All my learning process has been: "what could happen if I touch this little thingie?" (usual answer: nothing good). The fact that there are people who sincerely like what I do make walk without touching the ground :)

      If there comes the time I pass the damned competitive exam, I plan to really dedicate time and effort to become good at this (third in my Things I Will Do list)
      • *G* I still think you're made of awesome! Do you have fun plans for your birthday tomorrow?
        • A lovely coworker will make my afternoon shift and then dinner at parent's. It's Saturday when I'll make the real reunion (yep, I organize it. That way I do and they clean. Best arrangement ever! I don't usually tie the twins to the coats stand, thought. That's their mother task)
          • Oh, that sounds like fun. Why is it that when you talk about the twins I picture Fred and George? *grins*

            Happy birthday, hon!
  • You're really skilled - LOVE your [Bad username: snitches_and_smut] banner! *friends*
    • Thank you!

      I had a lot of fun making that banner. And nursedarry provided me with all that beautiful art that she has commissioned.

      The damn snitch was a nightmare, but, shhhh, don't go telling around. :)

      *friends back*
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