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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy very belated Birthday, sesheta_66!!

Happy very belated Birthday, sesheta_66!!

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More than three months late, but Happy Birthday to you! Again :) 

This time, your gift is done. Actually it was nearly finished, minus color adjust, three weeks ago, but RL stroke suddenly (flat renovation budgets, kitchen refurnishing budgets, double shifts, Internet repeated fails.... just name it, it was probable there, too).

So, click over the small teaser (beware about probably NWS):

Back in November, I had another story selected. But catching up with all the holidays fics I missed last year I found this treasure, and changed plans totally. Because it's sexy and hysterical and that fangirl in the closet that I am couldn't stop squeeing all along. I felt in love with the smitten but in denial boys, the meddling girls, the lots and lots of  * and the CAPSLOCK.  So very "crack-ish" but perfect!

Click on this smaller (but fitting in the layout) one to see the larger one.

The girl starring Pansy is Genevieve Gaunt, the actress who played Parkinson in PoA. Only older  :)   Boys in the lower part, I don't know who they are. But I wish. Even if only for aesthetical purposes :D

Happy belated Birthday, hon!

  • Oh that's gorgeous! And, er, hot! :D
    • Thank you, love! All the small glimpses or hotness are really in the story. Or implied (which is even funnier!).

      Now, I'll be working on the next one. Which happens to be yours :)
  • *flails*

    This is gorgeous!

    I'll leave something more worthy of this awesomeness later.

    • Thank you so much, hon! I'm very happy you like it.

      Finding this gem (that I miss last year, like a lot more things) was wonderful, because it's really priceless. Crazy, fun, sweet. I spent a whole afternoon cheering for the girls, because, for once, someone was doing what every fangirl dreams: getting the boys together again with a plan so well orchestrated (ok, and crazy) that they really didn't know what hit them till they were trapped. And then, all the * and the CAPSLOCK, that too! :)

      Sorry for the delay. I promise to behave this year. Happy belated Birthday!

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