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Old Lurkers' Retreat

People come and go, fandom stay

People come and go, fandom stay

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This week, while reading [info]mistful wonderful and hilarious post-epilogue fic, I discover it was her last fic. She isn't writting new HP fanfiction anymore. I was sad, but over all I was ... nostalgic, you could say. So I've spent a good part of the weekend re-exploring old bookmarks of authors I've lost trace over the years. Some of them may have just change their nicknames, others I know they've left fandom. Cassie Claire, Ivyblossom, Cinnamon, Blanche Malfoy (oh, Blanche, you are the one I miss most!). They made me love the HP world with their talent. I'll always thank them for it. 
But among the bookmarks I realize something else. Some of the authors I read habitually are very young , just about twenty (very young from my point of view, not theirs, I'm sure). They have grown with the HP books. They know the HP universe by heart, just like we (jurassic people) knew how all the decks of the Enterprise were, knew the difference between a X-wing and a B-wing, could recite the complete list of the mechanical monsters of Mazinger Z.  They have grown up inside the HP world. And if they love their childhood idols like we did (and still do) there'll be HP fandom for a lot more years. 
I can see myself in thirty years time, retired, sharing readings of PG fics with my teenage grandchildren while they try to steal my passwords for the N_17 ones (as any-time teenager should try). Yes, I think is a future I'd love to see.
  • What a cool post. I was sad when I read Maya say that the post-epilogue fic would be her last. She was indeed writing in fandom for a long time - she was there when I got in. And Cassie and Aja and Ivy, too.
    • “Losing” writers with so much talent is sad, but there’s more people coming constantly. Fandom is something as a skyscraper, just made of stories. Some of you have written cornerstones, others have added their big or little brinks. And a vast majority of us (as me) just stare in awe as the building is made (I know my limits, and writing something passable in English is mine). For as long as we all keep loving this world, the building will grow up. True, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but still up. And Maya’s, and Blanche’s names are going to be at eye level on the ground floor forever.
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