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Old Lurkers' Retreat

H/D Fanart Fest: where a "teaser" becomes a ... teaser.

H/D Fanart Fest: where a "teaser" becomes a ... teaser.

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This post comes three days late *irons hands* and I suppose everyone and her sister has already seen this marvel (if not, believe me, you want to). Some kind and very talented artist took my simple prompt for the Fest and turned it into this wonderful piece. And when I say piece I really mean it, because they say there is a WHOLE COMIC comming soon!! Since when does Christmas come in Halloween?

Really, people, has ever a "teaser" been such a ... tease?


And also, overdued thank you to sesheta_66, leochi, veritas03 and nursedarry for the cute spiders. You are a love!
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