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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Some orphan Christmas icons

Some orphan Christmas icons

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Here there are some Christmas related icons. Some of them are general, some H/D (over all if you squint) and some simply boys love.
If you like some, you can adopt them. Giving credit would be nice, but I'm not going to make a scene if someone doesn't do it.
If you think you'd want something written on them, tell me and I'll see what I can do.



  • Have I mentioned that you're awesome? Yes, I think I have. Just reiterating the fact, then. Muah!
    • Thanks, but it's ALL of you who are awesome. I just play silly with the photos.

      *smooches back*
  • Adopted icon

    I would like to adopt one of your icons. The one I like is in the second row, farthest left, the winter scene with the inset. If possible I would like to have Love Always written on the icon. very small, very flowery script and in the bottom right corner of the icon, at a diagonal (over the park bench). Just let me know if this is possible. Thanks NH
    • Re: Adopted icon

      I'm happy that you want it. I'll try to put the legend. I'm not sure how small a flowery font can still be visible in that space. Give me till tomorrow (I don't have the Photoshop here) :)
      • Re: Adopted icon

        I'm happy you're willing to do this. It will fit with LA perfectly. I think something like the font you have in your above icon would be the perfect size and script. Thanks for doing this.
        • Re: Adopted icon

          Ok, these are them. The legend over the bench is tricky, too small space to read it. Still, I've tried with two. And some with different fonts and colours. See if you like some. :)

          • Re: Adopted icon

            They're all amazing and I really like the bottom two. I see what you mean about the size and the script. I want the one with the larger Love Always in brown above the photo inset.It's fabulous. Perfect. How do I get it? NH
            • Re: Adopted icon

              You can take one, two or more. That's what they are for.

              For getting them click once over them (one at the time) with the right button, and there will appear a list of options. Choose "Save as..." and there will appear a window from your PC. Look in what file you are saving it (the upper part of the window) and choose the name for the photo (bottom part of the window), then click ok.

              Now you have it(them) in your PC, so open the userpics option of the LY and when it asked you which photo to upload, go to the file where it is stored and choose it. If you have any problem, tell me.
              • Re: Adopted icon

                As you can see, I've got it. I also got the one with the blue writing. Woohoo, I'm smarter than a machine!!! Thanks so much, they're fabulous. I've put in the little note part for the userpics on my journal that you did it. NH
                • Re: Adopted icon

                  *laughs happy*

                  You know, back in August, when I de-lurked enough to decide to get a LY account I spend a whole afternoon just deciding to push a simple button to upload and icon. Then it took me a week to make another. In less than a week more I have first one, then two photo-processors. I was hooked. So I understand how happy one feels when you wrestled this dammed thing into make what you want the first time!

                  You know where I am if you think of anything else that you may want :)
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