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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Sharing good moments and traditions! aka IT's 5th JANUARY!

Sharing good moments and traditions! aka IT's 5th JANUARY!

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My  two week holidays are reaching their end *sighs*. Despite some minor disasters, gods, what a lovely time I’ve had. Family, friends, far-more-than-friend, even meeting with co-workers (selected, that’s true) has been so much fun!

And Thursday I meet [info]lire_casander for coffee! *flails* Yep, I’m being serious! *flails more* We go gift shopping and discover there must be some unbeknown (to us) enormous market for Chinese Painting Handbooks, and then chatted for hours, rambling from work to family to politic to future plans. And she had bought me a gift!! A wonderful pendant for bring me good luck (now I owe her a gift, so I’m starting to sharp my brain)

And last, tomorrow in January 6th, el Día de Reyes, which is in Spain probably one of the main holidays of the year. Here is the day for gift exchanging, the highest point of the Christmas season (so these days here are feverishly busy). Some people in LY, when I’ve commented this holiday, have said me they didn’t know about The Wise Men aka Los Reyes Magos. I should have loved to make my own explanation about it, but I’m in a frenzy now, so here, here and here you can have an idea about what this is (believe me, I wish everyone of you could see it just once, because it’s the best experience ever!)

 *runs back to wrapping paper, baking and preparing for the parade*

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