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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Layout New Look

Layout New Look

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Here it is. As a (belated) Valentine gift for myself, I have made new background pics for the layout. I'm still not sure of everything, but the main change it's done. I have even managed a tiny tag list in a layout that doesn't have one! For anyone asking why I really need a tag list for just two tags, you may have a point, but the question was managing it

Now I can go back to work. I have neglected my lurking for nearly a week. :)
  • Oooh! Snazzy. And very sneaky how you used the link option to create the tag list. *is impressed*
    • They say, more or less, "necessity sharpens cunning". I wish that was my case. My brain probably realized that the headbanging against the desk was not going to stop soon, so better produce a plausibly working solution. :)
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