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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy Birthday, softly_sweetly

Happy Birthday, softly_sweetly

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I hope you have a great day, and a marvellous year. And thanks for just being yourself

Smooches you silly!

Click over the cutie below:

The final pic doesn't fit in this layout, so click again over the smaller version to see the full size.

  • Have I told you lately how awesome you are?! This is gorgeous, and I love the way you personalize birthday gifts. *smooches* I'm sure Sweets will love it!

    And ... when I read "My Pretty Boy" I shuddered. Guh ... such an awesome story. ;)
    • Thanks, love! And yes, the story is so darkly brilliant, so absorbing and the end so breath-stopping. It made my head spin for weeks after I read it. So, the decision was made long ago. Finding the pics was more complicated (you don't want to know how many blood-curdling bugs there are in the net under "spider web") *shudders*

      But, well, there are also so many cute blokes under "blond man bed" :)
  • Ooooh, wow! That is beautiful!

    *is impressed and slightly jealous*
    • Thanks, hon. The idea has been playing in my head for months now. The story was so alluring!

      Oh, and as there is not a birthdate in your profile (I checked to add you to my BD-gifts list), maybe you can give a date for an unbirthday gift, yes?
      • Uuuh! My birthday is in January! :( Darn it!

        Oh sweetie you don't have to make something for me! I'll happily stare at what you make for others!

        I'm jealous at your ABILITIES not the gift!
        • The offer is still there. Unbirthdays are really something for celebrate (trust the Mad Hatter and Master Cheshire, they know better) :D

          And believe, it's ME who drools with your talent! ♥
  • You officially WIN at birthday presents! This is so AMAZING, as was the fic that inspired it.
    • Thanks, love *blushes tomato red*. Really it was all in the story, I just raid some photoarchives and play with the pics. I'm very happy that you like it!
  • Oh wow, darlin! This is so incredile! I can't imagine how much time must have gone into this, to find all the pictures and set it out... you win! I can't wait til I'm back home and can print it off *g*

    Thank you so very much, love you lots ♥
    • *bounces in delight* Happy birthday, love! I'm so happy that you like it. Fact is I made my mind for your gift the very moment I read it, so really nearly everything in it is just yours.

      Only problem was the size, which decide to grow by itself, and the background face, which was a last weekend decision and worked really well.

      Oh, and the spiders. People make photos of the most disgusting eight legged beast that you can imagine :)
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