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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy Birthday, lire_casander!!

Happy Birthday, lire_casander!!

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Happy Birthday, hon! I wish you have a great day and a great year
(25, that’s a round number!).

 Click over the teaser (just… for being in the safe side, maybe NWS)

The full size pic doesn’t fit in this layout (sizes are starting to be a complication, really), so click again in the smaller version below.


When I first read Always Here I cried like a loon. For the first time in my ten years at fandom I was reading a story that could be a deathfic or not, and I really didn’t mind. The ambiguity in the gorgeous wording left me breathless, raw with elation and finality. My feelings of possible lost against their feelings of peace and total happiness.  I felt in love with it forever. This is a humble tribute to your wonderful writing.

*smooches and loveslovesloves you*


  • Oh, dear! *has watery eyes* This is so wonderful! It's the first time someone has made a banner for one of my fics. And especially Always Here, which has a special place in my heart.

    It's simply gorgeus, and I think I'm going to print it and hang it on my wall to watch it everyday. There are no words to explain how I feel.

    Thank you very much!
    • *bounces* You like it! Really, it's nothing compared to your story. I may have read it about a quadrillion times, and still, last Sunday, I had blurry eyes while I typed the text (which may explain why I had to rewrite it later). Finding the photo was the complicated point. I wanted something perfect for the fic, but couldn't find it. Suddenly, this came (two months!! later and, as always, while looking for something totally unrelated), not exactly what I wanted, but it worked nicely. It has been a lot of fun making it and you can't know how many things I've learnt in the process.

      *Smooches you silly*

      ♫ Happy Birthday to yoooou ♫ !!
      • You really amaze me, dear. I can't believe I was gifted with your friendship! *hugs* *sings along with you*
  • Oh, that is SO beautiful! Man, girl. You have TALENT!

    Did I tell you how much I love hd_fanart banners? CUZ I DO!
    • Thanks, love! I'm really happy you like it :) The story was so beautiful, so heart-touching...

      The idea was there since I read it, but the problem was finding a photo that I could use (everything depended on that). It took me nearly three months and pure serendipity.

      The banners where more time consuming in the whole, but somehow easier. With all that gorgeous art, the 95% of the 'prettiness' was assured. Probably there is going to be one more to rotate.

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