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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy Unbirthday, faithwood!!

Happy Unbirthday, faithwood!!

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Happy Unbirthday, hon!!  This is for you, hope you like it!  Click  on the teaser (and just to be in the safe side,  it may be NWS)


Again,sizes are not being very layout friendly, so click again in the smaller version below to see the full size.

*smooches you silly*

Oh, and this is for the Birthday boy! *pets*

  • *cries* I can't see it! It refuses to load!

    Maybe it's the server? Is it working for you? :(

    I'll try again later, of course! I can't wait to see what you came up with! I mean, NWS! Oh, you know me! *hugs*

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I'm refreshing and refreshing! And I'll continue to do that! *the server will not defeat me*

    And there's something for my sweet little Max! Oh! Damn you server!
    • Yep, it works from here. This is the URL http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3229/2534956528_b6b8162788_o.jpg

      Try copy and paste.
      • All I had to do was refresh the page one hundred times!

        OH MY GOD! Just wow! I've been dying for a winged!Harry visual! How did you know? These guys are gorgeous!

        And all the little details, like the rain. You totally followed the stories, that's so freaking AMAZING!

        That's it. Now I'll dream about this and I'll have to write a sequel. (Just so I can go around and show off with this! Ha!)

        And the bone! You're too sweet! Max says WOOF!


        Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it!
        • You don't know how very happy I'm that you like it *bounces*. I love your work so much that being able to give you back a small something means the world to me. You make my life better with your talent, and with your fun and sometimes a bit crazy ways (yes, only a bit, I know because I'm very, very far more crazy, believe me). And I thank god you have also that head of steel.

          So, a sequel? More hot sexy images? YEEESSS! But before, get better, rest, and don't let the doggie steal your slippers.

          PS. Pet Max for me!

          • Hey! It's your birthday soon. Do you have a prompt/wish/something so I could write you a flclet? It will be late probably, but the sooner you tell me, the more time I'll have. ;D

            • A ficlet written by you? That'd be a dream come true! But your recovery comes first *is quite serious* so, please, no pressure.

              Uhmmm, how about H/D, stablished relationship, blindfold?
  • Ooooohhhh.... that is very, VERY nice!!!! Well done!!!
  • Oh wow...the black and white Harry with the rain and then Draco cradling him in the wings....So sorry I didn't see this before...*remembers to close her mouth*
    • I'm very happy you like it :) . Really, everything was in faithwood stories.

      You know, I'm not very happy about we friending after your birthday. *starts plotting*
  • OMG!

    This is just gorgeous! Veela!Harry in the rain, and with his wing wrapped around Draco, OMG! And I love how you worked the chains in too.

    I love faithwood stories, and you captured these two beautifully!

    Have you by any chance made an icon with veela!Harry in the rain? *off to check*
    • Thank you so much :)

      faithwood's dark!veela stories are so good, aren't they? And, no, I didn't make any icon of Harry in the rain. I could try making one if you want, but I'd like to ask Faith is she doesn't mind.
      • That would be great if you would. And yeah, by all means, ask Faith. If she agrees, let her know that I'd credit you both for the icon, you for the art and her story.

        If she agrees, it doesn't have to be anything fancy, just croping the pic down to Intense Veela Encounters so that part is across the bottom maybe?

        Thanks so much!
        • I spoke with Faith, and she said it was ok, but we decided to just cut the text to "Dark Veela".

          Here: dark veela blue dark veela green
    • *clapping hands and dancing*

      Yea!!! See my pretty new icon!!!

      *squishes you*

      Thank you so much!! They are beautiful!

      *off to squish faith*
    • Oh and they're gorgeous! Not as gorgeous as the whole thing though. I still haven't found a place to put it on. *eyes profile page*
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