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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Thanks so much, you lovely people!

Thanks so much, you lovely people!

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Today has been one of the most incredible birthdays of my life. Possible one of the most incredible days of my whole life. And I owe it to you, wonderful people. So, thanks so much:

To  leochi  who draw me a cute H/D Kiss

To my lovely,  generous softly_sweetly  who wrote me a delicious, hot, covered in silk Snarry Seaside Surprise, buy me a year of paid account... and send me a meaningful v-gift that has me tearing half the morning.

To faithwood who wrote me a hot spiced with ice H/D Heat, that has made an already warm afternoon rise several degress.

To enchanted_jae  who wrote me quite the hot H/D A Change of Venue, which is going to make I can't look at my forniture without giggling again.

To wonderful, thoughtful alaana_fair who wrote me a gorgeous H/D The Journey and that manages to enrole two amazing artist  oldenuf2nb  and  stellamoon to illustrate it, and has me crying like a baby for most of the afternoon in total awe and gratitude.

To dacro  , the_flic   for their birthday best wishes, and for  lire_casander  ,   sesheta_66 ,  accioscar  and  chernobylbeach who also have requested prompts for writing me more things (really how can I  be so lucky?)

Thanks to all of you for an unique day. All of you keep making this long time lurker feel so welcomed, so pampered, that I'm only sorry of not having joined earlier, so I could be able to tell you far more times how wonderful you are. From my heart, thanks!
  • Nice feeling, isn't it?!

    Rest assured, you deserve it all. *big squishes*
    • Nice feeling, isn't it?! Like you can't believe! No matter how hard I stump, my feet don't touch the ground. I'm walking in a cloud :D

      *smooches you silly*
  • Awww... I'm glad you had a lovely day! *smooches*
    • Far beyond lovely. And a lot of it was your merit. Thanks again for your absolutely wonderful, touching gift *adores*
      • Heheee... well, it wasn't originally supposed to be for your birthday. It was in the works way before your name popped up on my birthday list, but we managed to pull it together in time, and thought posting on your birthday would be an added bonus, so YAY! :-)
  • *gives you a big hug and smooches you silly*
    • *smooches back*

      Thanks again for your gift. I'm still bouncing in excitement here *adores with all her heart*
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