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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Hey, I did it!

Hey, I did it!

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After monts of  thinking about it and wondering if I can really contribute with something to this world, the last week has been decisive. I go out on holydays without access to the net , just with my DH book out of the oven, and I came back day 3 and find all this mess. I go from incredulity, to annoy to really angry and back to incredulity, just in cicles.
Out in real world there are drugs smugglers, peaple smugglers, assasins, arms traffic, corrupted politicians, ... and sudenlly fanfiction is the first public enemy? Come on!
So I open an account, because even if I don't think I will ever risk the laughts if a actually write something, I can very well cheer, review, rec and, if is needed, whine, pout and throw a tantrum at whoever is pestering you, writers and artist.
After all it only take me two days to make the perfil, and about half and hour to discover how to upload an icon to it (yes, you only have to press one button, but I've a knack to always press the wrong one, so I wanted to be sure).
Probably it only take me about a couple of days to manage uploading another one. :)
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