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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Two weeks at the beach!!

Two weeks at the beach!!

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Tomorrow afternoon I'm going on holidays. Nearly two weeks at the beach!! *\o/*

No laptop, no internet. Just towel, sunblock, flip-flops,... well, and several (well, maybe more than "several") papers for revising that I'm smuggling inside the luggage. The one book was discovered and discarded this morning, but it was just a diversion :)

I'm not sure if tomorrow morning I'll have time to say bye, so I'm posting this now. I'm already feeling withdrawal. Be safe and have fun, all of you!
  • Stay safe and have a lovely time yourself - you will be missed <333
  • I will send you a text throughout today! Have fun and relax!
    • I'm not taking the laptop, but I'll take the cell phone. Anything you need, just tell.

      I'll really, really try to behave and not pester people too much with the revising part. After all, these are their vacations too (they have to fall sleep at some point, anyway, and I usually don't :)
  • Oh wow babe, I hope you have lots and lots of fun!!!

    Shall miss you though!

    Have a great time, ♥
    • Thanks, love. I'm already missing everyone. Have fun you too, and enjoy that crush! *smooches*

      3 hours to H-hour, nearly everything packed, my smuggled revising supply undiscovered, more than 40º C outside... and I wonder why I'm in a frenzy! :)
  • Well, you're probably gone by now. :( But I hope you'll have a good time, love! *hugs*
    • Thanks so much!! I'm back now, and yep, I've had a wonderful time . Not much revising, though, so now I have to catch up with that in addition to catch up with my flist. Luckily, I still have a week and a half of vacations :)
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