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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy Birthday, leochi!

Happy Birthday, leochi!

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Happy Birthday, hon! I hope you have a wonderful day! Click on the piece below...

I felt in love with a lot of your drawings, but this project of you just blew my mind. I may have replayed it about a hundred times (I have even memorized the tune by now!)

Happy Birthday, and I wish you a wonderful year, my friend!
  • Oh, this is fabulous June! So very, very sweet! I know Leochi will love it. :-D
    • Thanks! :)

      When I see Leochi's wonderful video the puzzle idea starts jumping up crying "pick me, meeee!" again. The really difficult part was choosing one drawings over the others, they are all so cute!
  • Aww... that is lovely! So cute. You really give the best presents! *hugs*
    • Thanks, hon! I'm very glad you like it. But, really, all is Leochi's doing. I just "twiddle" a bit with it :)
  • This is beautiful. *stares at the pretty*
    • Thanks, love! Leochi did all the work, I just played around. Her drawings are always so beautiful!
  • Awwwww!
    You really moved me to tears, here!
    This is the most wonderful, sweetest and loveliest compliment I've ever received to my drawings.
    Wow, you must have spent ages to get this together - it's just stunning.

    Thank you, thank you sooooo much, darling! I really, really love it.
    • *blushes incandescent*

      Thanks to you for sharing your gorgeous work. This is just a very poor tribute. The difficult part was choosing the pics, all were so beautiful.

      I wish I have more time for fandom, but lately RL is quite demanding, so I'm missing a lot of reads. Having your drawings (uhm... nearly in a daily dose, now that I come to think it... how can you draw so fast?) always brighten my days and give me a real boost!

      *hugs you silly*
      • You're so welcome to my art - I'm glad to find so many people are enjoying it, which prompts me to post more of it.
        (And yes, I've definitely posted on a daily base the last couple of weeks, but I'm not sure I will be able to maintain this into the school year. Being a teacher is quite time consuming and demanding, too. So RL will restrain me as well!)

        Regarding the fast drawing, it's just a question of practice - I do draw quite a lot and every day, I always have a note book or a sketch pad with me to do quick drawings wherever I happen to be. Waiting for the bus gets very entertaining this way, lol.

        *hugs you back*
  • Awww ... what a great gift, hon!
  • Wow! I missed this yesterday. I absolutely loved this series of Leochi's and what you've created here is spectacular. The centre piece is love. Excellent.
    • Thanks so much! It's all Leochi's merit, I just played around with her wonderful pieces.

      I felt in love with that video in an instant. I've replayed it so many times I think it must be wearing away in some places :)
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