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Old Lurkers' Retreat

Happy Birthday, alaana_fair!

Happy Birthday, alaana_fair!

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Happy Birthday, hon! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of Equus-squee and surrounded by a lot of awesome people!

This is for you. Possibly NWS, just to be in the safe side. Click on the teaser ...

As always, the final size doesn't fit. So click again on the smaller pic to see the real size.

To say I loved this story should be making it poor justice. I ADORED it. From a crazy ad and hysterical correspondence you gave us a gorgeous story about not trusting first impressions or preconceptions, but about trusting in your feelings and pursue your own happiness. And you gave us Tette/Grumpy, who is totally priceless. Well, and the hottest sex. That has to be said too :)

So, have a very happy day, and a fabulous year!   

*squishes you silly*

  • OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I absolutely love this Draco and Harry. Oh, and Grumpy! *g*

    This is gorgeous, hon. I'm sure Alaana will love it.
    • Thanks, love! I met these two edible boys precisely through Alaana (the blond actually kicked the one I'd chosen before out of the pic). And Grumpy is too cute for words!
  • OH WOW! That is so spectacular! Every detail is perfect. You're amazing!

    ♥ Grumpy!

    And 'Harry' here is ... *faints*
    • Thanks, love! It's Alaana's merit, she created all the beautiful scenes. And Grumpy, too, who I just adore!

      And how is that there are so, so many pics of really hot guys in the web, but you never see them around in the real world? Where do they keep them?
  • OMG!

    I saw this last night and just couldn't coherently think of the words to express how much I love it. I dreamed about it last night and still whatever words I can come up with won't truly explain it. It's more perfect than I could ever imagine. I've never had the urge to re-read one of my own fics before, but this has given me just that.

    This Draco is the perfect one for that story - and when I re-read it I might have to add some description of what Draco was wearing when he met Harry in the restaurant because I think that sweater MUST be it. And OMG! Harry! with his torn jeans and snitch tattoo and leather wrap! *dies* He didn't look quite that hot in my mind, but now... *dies*

    And Grumpy and the letter, the chocolates, the flower! Damn, you got everything and it's so very gorgeous! I really can't express how much I love this. All the details are so perfect. Thank you so, so much, hon! You are an amazingly talented and wonderful person and I'm so honored to be able to call you my friend. *squeezes you so tightly you can't breathe*
    • *blushes tomato red*

      I'm so happy you like it! But the real merit is yours, you created each one of the scenes of this fabulous story. And Grumpy (omgIlovehim!!!)

      "Harry" was decided the moment you posted his photo (even if the green eyes didn't work), because he was perfect. Grumpy had to audition with about a hundred more owls to get the role. And "Draco", well, let's say this hot boy you found literally kicked out of the picture the blond I'd chosen, because he is just this perfect. So you see, between the fic and the boys, you did nearly everything.

      I hope you have a wonderful year, love! And I'd love a blow by blow post of your NY weekend!

      *squishes back* sometimes, breathing is overrated! :)
  • That is so perfect. It fits the story so well... Wow!
    • Thanks! The story was so full of cute details that it was even difficult to choose. Except Grumpy. That was a must! :)
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