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13 June 1969
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Brunette, internist, twice of age and counting.

Single with long term boyfriend, twin nephews, a younger brother who is a hardware genius and a stray dog. I love all of them to pieces. In different ways, of course.

Fandom lover since Gutenberg made his first printing press. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek are my playground, but I'm really open to anything shiny. I have the attention span of a toddler. Slash is my true passion, but I don't say no to good het too.

I was a shameless lurker who gathered courage and started commenting and found herself in a new world, full to the brim with wonderful and talented people, and felt in love with it. My poor ability as an amateur photoshoper is my only way to repay all those marvelous people who keep writing, drawing, organizing, commenting, lurking and, in the whole, making fandom possible. So, I love to contribute with the only thing I can do. If this can be of use to you, just contact me. Because after all is said and done, I'm still a total fail as commenter.

Also, I apparently attended the same English language school that Master Yoda did. And my typos record is legendary.

Please, feel free to friend me. If you do I'll usually friend you back (bigoted and intolerant people, stay out, please).

And just because is better being safe than sorry: all icons and photomanips here have been made by me. But I don’t own the characters or images that appear in them. They belong to their authors and publishers and, in some cases, to very powerful media enterprises that I don’t want to piss off. So let this serve as disclaimer. No profit in money or in kind is made, no harm or infringement is intended. This is just a way of making life a bit funnier and brighter.

I store nearly all my icons here, and only a few in LJ. If you like them, you can take them. Credit should be really lovely (but I'm not going to run screaming after you if you don't).

i'm in ravenclaw!

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